• life draw

    just a couple recent life drawing sketches. i'll post more soon -


  • upcoming showings

    i will have two paintings showing for may's final friday, the 25th at bob schwan's gallery, so please stop by and check them out.

    also, i will be having a show this august at watermark books & cafe that will feature the vermin series as well as the new portraiture i've been doing. the opening will be august 31st.


  • purged

    at last night's event i displayed a painting called 'purge'. I installed it with a pair of scissors and instructions exhorting my viewers not to just stand there, nor to be intimidated, but to do as the title says. not long after people started filtering through, pieces started being removed from the painting. some people ripped it with their hands. one person broke the dowel rod that supported it at the top. many watched as people carefully made their marks over mine, taking my created object and making an art experience i won't forget for a long time. i hope those that purged won't forget either.