• wandering again

    was it really only a year? well, when it rains, it pours (in a good way, though)! seattle was a whirlwind of new experiences and new friends. i got married two weeks ago to my best friend and we've arrived here in austin, texas.

    i'm excited to explore this new town and find out what's in store for us, and for my art!


  • epoch: return

    EDIT: i'm sad to announce that epoch:return is now on hiatus. more information is available on the kickstarter page, but basically our project lead is taking things back to the drawing board. thank you for your support!

    hey all. it's been a while - i've been busy doing concept art for an indie video game called epoch: return. it's been a really cool experience and we've made a lot of progress over the last 10 months. we just launched our kickstarter and one of the rewards is an art book! it's exciting stuff. the picture below is a piece of concept art, "leap".

    unrelated to the game, i'm also working on this piece, a small-scale drawing -

    that's all for now!


  • settled in?

    i've been here in Seattle for about 4 months now, and i'm starting to finally feel settled. i haven't been producing much art, but i've definitely been soaking up this new world of visual treats. everything here is so verdant and lush. i'm excited to begin work on some projects that have been stalled since the move, including a 16-foot long painting. so much to do, so little time!


  • seattle

    so, i've made a major life change - i'm now living in seattle! I'm still working on getting settled in but it's been a great transition so far and i'm very excited to see what new opportunities lie in store for me and my art here.

    updates might be even more sporadic than usual during this crazy time but i'll be back to making and posting art soon. thanks to everyone for all the support and patience that has been shown - for everyone who has purchased my art and for everyone who encouraged me to take this chance to grow personally and artistically.

    as a side note - so much rain! i'm in heaven. 


  • collective

    hey internet, how are you? it's a new year and i have some new artwork showing!

    i'm very grateful for all the opportunities that this lovely city has for young artists to show, and also grateful to emily b. for putting together this kickass event (featuring bertie the cat). don't miss it!